Expedition Operators Association Nepal

August 10, 2023

Sound economic development is a corollary to a holistic plan for driving Nepal towards development and, consequently, can be achieved by strengthening the tourism industry to better adapt to global standards. Furthermore, it is obvious that mountain tourism is one of the biggest aspects of the Nepalese tourism industry. This organization is a platform for all those expedition operators and stakeholder (other organizations, institutions, and benefactors) to cooperate in their efforts to abide by sound economic practices for the betterment of the industry as a whole. Furthermore, this organization also recognizes that peaks of the Nepalese Himalaya need to be cataloged, conserved, managed, preserved and mitigated against hazards. In addition to economic development, this organization will also encourage expedition operators to gear their practices towards the above mentioned notions. Ultimately, this organization will unite all stakeholders necessary for smooth operation of expeditions in the Nepalese Himalaya, India, Pakistan, and Tibet Autonomous Region of China, and minimization of hazardous incidences in a cooperative effort to bring about Nepal’s economic development.

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